Custom Software

Custom Software

Systems Xpert's principal consultant, Ben Slack, has 15 years experience designing and developing business applications, ranging from sales and market analysis tools for the desktop to large networked applications - for organizations including ACNielsen, the ABC and subsidiaries of Marsh McLennan and Deutsche Bank.

Recent development projects include the development of SwitchlineDB; the NSW Law Handbook Online - utilizing Microsoft.NET technologies; and most recently, a complete 8-bit to 16-bit Unicode conversion of the V-Net Solutions software, including approximately 1,000,000 lines of IBM RPG and J2EE source code. This and other projects are detailed on the Client & Projects page, in the About Us section of our Web site.

Systems Xpert has a great deal of knowledge and experience in project management, particularly with regards to software development projects. Our consultants are members of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and pride themselves on being up to date with the latest trends in the discipline. Our approach to an individual project largely depends on the size and scope of the project, but we generally use the Open Unified Process (OpenUP) to govern all aspects of development.

With this wealth of experience, you can rest assured that Systems Xpert will be able to deliver the customized software your business needs.

Wherever possible, we like to make proposals for custom development on a fixed-cost basis according to an initial estimate.

Finance & Joint Ventures

We will consider entering into partnership arrangements to develop software targeted at a specific industry with qualified experts.

For example, say you are a consultant in a specific industry and can see a market need for a software application that simply doesn't exist, or, where there is a single player providing a terrible product. You don't have any experience with software development, but you could sit down and explain exactly what outcomes you want an application to deliver.

Systems Xpert will consider your business case at no cost and if we think there is potential, we can come to a profit-sharing arrangement. This might be a copyright royalty on the design or, if you have capital to invest, we can look at a joint venture.

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